Mark Rush, violinist

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Teacher Bio:

I have studied with many of the finest artists and teachers of the 20th century, each influencing me in some important way. Here is a complete list:

Bebe Rush (my mom) – She somehow managed to get me to practice when I wanted to be outside playing with my friends.
Leonard Felberg – My teacher throughout  high school. He established my fundamentals, instilled a love for the instrument and a respect for the great tradition.
Ivan Galamian – At Meadowmount. I mostly remember how much he scared me.
David Cerone – Also at Meadowmount.
Dorothy DeLay – Two summers at Aspen Music Festival. She gave me great lessons and on time!
Itzhak Perlman – I loved him but he wasn’t the right teacher for me.
Oswald Lehnert – At the University of Colorado where I completed my BM degree. His motto, NO FEAR!
Nathan Milstein – At his master class in Zurich. Truly the MASTER…
Szymon Goldberg – At Yale School of Music. A great violinist and superb musical intellect.
Arthur Grumiaux – In Brussels as a Fulbright Scholar. His influence continues to inspire me on a daily basis.

(Above photo:  teaching in Shenyang, China)

I coached chamber music with:

Tokyo String Quartet
Raphael Hillyer
Menahem Pressler

My own teaching blends ideas and methods gleaned from my teachers as well as from the hard knocks of experience. I have served on the faculties of the University of Virginia, the University of Arizona and the Univeristy of Denver Lamont School of Music. In years past, I also taught several summers at the Killington Music Festival. Many of my students are now succesful professional musicians in many diverse careers.

I am available for private lessons, skype lessons, master classes and string clinics.

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